Learn more about Folding Wall Beds

In the last few years folding wall beds have become popular once again. Keep in mind; a folding wall bed is a bed that folds or swings so that it can be stored vertically in a cupboard or a closet or against a wall. Some may not know it; wall beds have been around for years. In the past they were known as a "bed in a closet." The design of this bed is wonderful because the bed is hidden without having to move the bed into a closet. In addition, it adds space to any room it is put in and is just a great space saving idea.

Learn more about folding wall beds.

Types of Murphy beds

There are several types of Murphy beds besides those being known as "bed in a closet." Murphy beds come in all sizes and shapes, as well as with closet doors. There is also a bed sofa Murphy bed. When this bed is flipped up, you have a nice and comfortable seating area. Then, when the bed is flipped down, the seating area is no longer there but underneath the bed. This design works wonderful for studio apartments or guest rooms.

What about a do it yourself Murphy bed?

The do it yourself Murphy bed is popular because you create this bed yourself. If you don't mind doing things yourself, you can save a lot of money. For those who want something totally different, you can have all of your furniture needs packed into one big Murphy bed. Examples of variations of Murphy beds can include a desk, bookshelves, a craft table or a bed frame. Some furniture stores can create a Murphy bed with any and all your furniture desires or you can create a bed that is built to your own individual needs.

The advantages of a wall bed

The advantages of a wall bed are several; they come in handy when last minute guests appear at the door, can instantly turn into a multi-purpose room, and some have built-in shelving drawers that can maximize your space. They are especially helpful in a child's room; they provide more floor space for a playroom during the day and then at night, can be quickly transformed into a welcoming bedroom for your child. Most importantly, they are easy to use.

To conclude, folding wall beds are popular once again! Check out your nearest furniture store soon and fin out more!